The Foundlings

The Foundlings is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide education and enhance lives of children living in Philippine orphanages through art, design, music and creative platforms. 


Founders, Sammy Taggett and Brandi Shigley and are both professional Entertainers and Entrepreneurs based in Denver Colorado and both are fellow adoptees out of the Philippines. 


After a beautiful 7 years of friendship and dreaming of visiting their home country once again, Sammy and Brandi traveled back the Philippines for the first time since being adopted. 


It was on this pilgrimage they discovered that not only were they adopted at similar times, they were both adopted out of the same orphanage. The odds of this are incredible considering the astounding fact that there an estimated 1.8 Million orphans in the Philippines.


Join us at www.TheFoundlings.Org